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Frequently Asked Question


What is the best time of year to visit this hotel in Killington, VT?

While people often think of this as a winter escape location, we’re surrounded by things to do every day -- making us a four-season getaway. We have dining, Vermont shops and many other kinds of attractions and entertainment nearby. Plus, we offer some of the best skiing you’ll find anywhere in the Northeast. There’s also mountain biking, golf, swimming and other water sports too.

What amenities do you feature?

Our hotel in Killington, VT specializing in making you comfortable, so every room features high-speed wired Internet access plus a microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker in every room. And rooms are soundproofed so you don’t hear bumps in the night. In our lobby, enjoy a continental breakfast with muffins, bagels, fresh coffee and more.

Is it true that this is an environmentally friendly hotel?

Yes, the environment is important to us in Vermont, and this hotel in Killington, VT is environmentally friendly. Rooms are heated with radiant heat from a geothermal system so we don’t waste energy. The heat is always at your feet here.

Where is this hotel in Killington, VT located?

The Hillside Inn Killington is on the Killington Mountain access road, just minutes from Killington and Pico Ski Resorts.

Is this a pet-friendly hotel?

Yes, this hotel in Killington, VT accepts pets with a $25 per night charge; the maximum charge per stay is $75, and there is a $100 deposit. Only one pet per room is allowed.